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What is Gunpowder?

Gunpowder, which is generally used in bullets of firearms, is a chemical substance known as potassium nitrogenate and is a compound formed as a result of the combination of 75% saltpeter (potassium nitrate), 10% sulfur and 15% soft wood charcoal. The substance formed as a result of the combination of used coal, sulfur and potassium nitrate is called gunpowder.

An external energy is required for the gunpowder, which does not function (react) without any external intervention, to react. For this reason, the areas where gunpowder is used the most are explosive vehicle construction. Although the usage areas of gunpowder are mostly the same, it may differ in some areas. Gunpowder is mainly used by projectile and explosive manufacturers, as it is used to accumulate energy, create, transport and mobilize energy. Börü Defense INC. We produce gunpowder and bullets for firearms. Thanks to the quality of the raw materials we use, the energy released by the gunpowder we produce during combustion is higher than that of other gunpowder manufacturers, but the smoke released after combustion is less and cleaner.


What is the Structure of Gunpowder?

A mixture of gunpowder, sulfur and coal (carbon) and potassium nitrate (KNO3) emerges. The main purpose of the mixture is to burn sulfur and carbon during ignition and release pressure or energy. When we look at the composition of gunpowder, we see that it contains 70% potassium nitrate, 12-20% coal and 3-14% sulfur. The onset of the reaction is rather slow and steady. KNO3, a strong oxidizer, makes coal and sulfur ignite. Sulfur acts as an auxiliary ignition accelerator. Combustion produces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Potassium sulfide, carbonate and sulphate gases left behind as a result of combustion provide a high pressure. This increases firepower and fires the projectile or balls. Börü Defense INC. In order to produce the best quality of gunpowder and materials we produce, expert chemists continue their research and development with experienced management teams and determined employees.

According to the ratio of the substances contained in the gunpowder, its flammability and the amount of smoke released vary. The chemical formula that allows gunpowder to react and burn is as follows:

  • l10 KNO3 + 3 S + 8 CO2 K2CO3 + 3 K2SO4 + 6 CO2 + 5 N2

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When Was Gunpowder Found?

The first use of gunpowder was made by the Chinese in 904 as an explosive. When we look at the written historical sources, it is known that the oldest formulas of gunpowder were found in a book written in the 1040s. Gunpowder was first used as a propellant in 1132.

In the wars after the invention of gunpowder, gunpowder was used to throw cannons towards the enemy in a fast and destructive way. In the following periods, Portuguese inventors started to use cannons and gunpowder used in wars in exploration ships.

The gunpowder found by the Chinese has survived through many different steps from the time it was found to the present day. The Chinese used a mixture of sulfur, saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and coal dust in the invention of gunpowder.

Gunpowder, commonly known as black powder, which supports the firing of weapons, is formed by the combination of various chemicals. It is the general name of explosive materials formed by the combination of sulfur, carbon and potassium nitrate trio. There are many types such as smokeless powder, destruction powder, leaf powder, pyroxy powder. Börü Defense INC. We produce many different types of gunpowder in a higher quality way with the development of the power that emerges thanks to the quality raw materials and the data we have obtained as a result of research and development.

What are the Uses of Gunpowder?

Gunpowder, which is used to launch war materials with propulsion, has many uses today. Gunpowder, which is used intensively by the warring countries in the East and West, is generally used not because of its explosive feature, but because of its lifting or pushing force in the use of weapons. Gunpowder is frequently used as a power source for war materials that require propulsion, such as cannons in history and today. When gunpowder starts to burn, it does not damage the material it is on, but allows the bullet to be fired quickly by vehicles such as weapons. The size of the powder particles turned into powder at this time determines the power that occurs during the events such as burning and pushing the gunpowder. Börü Defense INC. We use the gunpowder we produce for the bullets and ammunition we produce in the same way.

Gunpowder has been used in different fields for various purposes for many years. But the first use of gunpowder was on battlefields. The first recorded use of gunpowder as a weapon was in the 13th century by the army of the Kingdom of Spain. These gunpowder weapons used by the Spanish kingdom were in the form of bombs. Since then, gunpowder has been used in firearms, cannons, bombs, and even rocket fuel. Gunpowder is a base material used to create various explosives such as C-4, dynamite and Semtex. It is used in various types, both in its raw form and as a component in other substances that are processed. Gunpowder is used in fireworks, weapons, explosives and some types of ammunition, and in many other industries to make fertilizers, dyes and pigments.

It is also used in mining, cement making, and various processes such as iron smelting. In addition, gunpowder is used as an oxidizer in rocket engines and composite materials. It is known that some gunpowder in fireworks is also used to make fireworks loud. Gunpowder is also used in the fields of medicine. For example, skin transplants, injectable drugs and pain relievers. It is also known to heal burns and other injuries, and it is known that in ancient times soldiers or warriors poured gunpowder on their wounds and even burned the powder poured into the wound to stop the bleeding.

The Advantages of Gunpowder:

  • It has the feature of being easily dispensed in small containers.
  • It has the feature of being burned by using a wick instead of a lighter.
  • It has a multi-purpose use.
  • It is used for cleaning chimneys and fireplaces or making paper or cardboard.
  • It is cheap, easy to store and easy to burn.
  • It is environmentally friendly as it does not need to be thrown into the garbage.
  • It has many uses, such as deodorizing, plugging leaks, and keeping insects out.
  • It can propel a bullet with a high force.

The Disadvantages of Gunpowder:

  • The manufacturing process requires the use of large quantities of water and carbon compounds.
  • The production process of gunpowder requires a high amount of energy use.
  • Working on gunpowder is dangerous and can cause explosions.
  • Smoke from burning gunpowder affects health negatively.
  • The loud noise produced during the reaction may be disturbing for the eardrum.