Who we are


The inspiration for this story began thousands of years ago;

This inspiration started in the harsh steppes of Central Asia, the mares running like cracking, the fierce whistling of arrows…

It is such an inspiration that it has trampled even the world’s largest wall.

Here, Börü was founded with these ancient feelings.

We are Börü

The inspiration for this story began thousands of years ago;

The torch, which has been burning from the fire of steel wrists to the present day, was established in 2023 with the aim of adding strength to the national independence struggle in our country in the Turkish Century.

In addition to the mechanical capabilities of our country, it operates in the fields of defense industry in the domestic and national production line, which is needed for internal and external peace.

It makes production in the defense industry by being sensitive to technology and development points, keeping a place in the global market, sticking to the Turkish historical tradition and customs, today as in the past.
Founded in 2019, BÖRÜ Defense Inc. was established for the independence of the Turkish State, investment in domestic and national technologies, and increasing the value-added product capacity of our country.
Here, BÖRÜ Defense Inc. is a high-tech defense industry company that has made it a vision to serve its state and nation in the TURKISH CENTURY with the awareness it received from its Creator and Ancestors.
Since its establishment, BÖRÜ DEFENSE draws its strength from its past and the talents of young Turkish engineers. We set out on this road with high-budget R&D studies, domestic and national production concerns, and high-tech ideals. The word of the one whose sword is not sharp will not be heard. Börü Defense Inc. will continue to work for the great Turkish nation with its high locality rates and high value-added products.