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What is Mercury Fulminate?

Mercury fulminate; It is a word used in the field of chemistry.

Term meaning in chemistry:

Its formula is Hg(CNO)2, a crystalline powdery substance, also known as mercury cyanate, that is explosive at its melting point, soluble in alcohol, ammonia and hot water, used as an explosive in explosive caps.


Mercury Fulminate Meaning and Definition

Fulminate: The general name of the CNO- anion and its salts. Fulminate salts are explosive

Mercury: A silver-colored element (symbol Hg) with atomic number 80, atomic weight 200.5, density 13.59, found as a liquid at normal temperature since its freezing point is -38.8 °C.

Melting Point: The temperature at which a solid liquefies. The temperature at which, at a given pressure, the solid and liquid phases of matter are in dynamic equilibrium and are identical to the freezing point. The temperature at which a pure solid is in equilibrium with its liquid state under constant external pressure. In the normal melting point definition, the external pressure is considered to be 1 atm. The melting points and freezing points of pure substances are the same temperature. The constant temperature at which the solid and liquid of a metal are in equilibrium at a pressure of one atmosphere. The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid. It is the temperature at which a solid material turns into a liquid state and is a term used to determine the hardness of oils.

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