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What is Guanidinium Nitrate ?

Guanidinium nitrate is a white crystalline powder or particle, soluble in water and pure. It is also found hormesis in the skin, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract.

Guanidinium Nitrate can be used as step intermediate in the synthesis of nitroguanidine, as well as intermediate in multiple sulfonylurea herbicides.

Guanidinium nitrate is commercially available both as a colorless crystalline solid and processed into prills for specific applications. It is soluble in water. It does not burn easily, but will burn if contaminated with combustible material. Accelerates the combustion of flammable materials. Produces toxic oxides of nitrogen during combustion. It is used as a nutrient in the production of fertilizers and explosives, antibiotics and yeast.
Guanidinium Nitrate Emulsion, Suspension or Gel is ammonium nitrate suspended in a liquid. The material itself does not burn easily, but will burn easily if contaminated with combustible material. This style allows flammable materials to ignite at maximum speed. When these materials are in combustion, toxic nitrogen oxides are produced during combustion. Among its uses is as a fertilizer. We often see it used in explosives used for security purposes and pyrotechnics. Guanidinium nitrate is a salt with a structure similar to nitric acid.

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Where Guanidinium Nitrate is Used

  • Guanidine nitrate acts as a gassing agent in car airbags. It is less harmful than the mixture of sodium azide, potassium nitrate and silica used in previously available airbags. It is also less explosive and less sensitive to moisture than the very cheap ammonium nitrate.

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How to Use Guanidinium Nitrate

If the nitrate ion or radical (N03) is present to combine with guanidine when formed, it is known that guanidine nitrate can be prepared by heating a cyanamide or dicyandiamide dispersion in the presence of liquid ammonia. The nitrate ion or radical can be incorporated as free nitric acid or anhydride N205. However, since both of these methods of incorporation will only result in the formation of ammonium nitrate, their use is optional. This is because salt is the starting material. The nitrate ion is also added as a salt of any other base weaker than guanidine to form any other form that cannot be combined with guanidine to form a stable guanidine. When cyanamide or dicyandiamide is heated with anhydrous ammonia in the presence of the nitrate radical, the radical binds guanidine as a stable guanidine salt such that it can no longer freely combine with further cyanamide or dicyandiamide to form melamine or other compounds. It is assumed that cyanamide is an essential constituent of ammonia and under these conditions a part of it.

Guanidium Nitrate is both relatively inexpensive and readily dissolved in liquid ammonia, it is preferable to ammonium nitrate as an ingredient in the autoclave charge. It should be understood, however, that it is not limited to the addition of ammonium nitrate as such to the charge, since the same result can be achieved by adding equivalent amounts of nitric acid to liquid ammonia. Small amounts of water may also be present in guanidinium nitrate as an impurity or for other reasons, and it should be understood that the term liquid ammonia is not intended to exclude the presence of small amounts of water.