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What Does Barium Chromate Mean?

Barium chromate is an oxidizing chemical compound composed of the elements barium and chromium. It produces a green flame when heated and is a primary component in several anti-corrosion substances used to remediate galvanic corrosion.

Barium chromate is an anti-corrosive jointing compound that inhibits electrolytic corrosion between dissimilar metals. It is often used in the aerospace industry, has low solubility in water and will not erode over time.

A banana-color yellow pigment that is also called barium yellow. Barium chromate is precipitated from a Barium chloride solution by the addition of Potassium dichromte Barium yellow is a fairly permanent pigment but it may turn green slowly in light. It has low tinting strength and opacity. It was not widely used as an artists pigment by itself but was sometimes mixed with Strontium yellow and Zinc yellow then sold under the name lemon yellow or citron yellow. It was also used for coloring glass and ceramic glazes. Currently barium chromate is used in anticorrosion pastes and in metal primers.


About Barium Chromate

Barium chromate has been found to be useful in many capacities. The compound is often used as a carrier for the chromium ions. One such case is the use of barium chromate as a sulfate scavenger in chromium electroplating baths. Over time the chromium concentration of the bath will decrease until the bath is no longer functional. Adding barium chromate enhances the life of the bath by adding to the chromic acid concentration.

Barium chromate is an oxidizing agent, making it useful as a burn rate modifier in pyrotechnic compositions. It is especially useful in delay compositions such as delay fuses.

Barium chromate is used as a corrosion inhibitive pigment when zinc-alloy electroplating surfaces.

When mixed with solid fumaric acid, barium chromate can be used in the removal of impurities and residual moisture from organic dry-cleaning solvents or from petroleum fuels.

Barium chromate is also used in the composition of a catalyst for alkane dehydrogenation.

Barium has also been used to color paints. The pigment known as lemon yellow often contained barium chromate mixed with lead sulfate. Due to its moderate tinting strength lemon yellow was not employed very frequently in oil painting.

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