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What Do You Understand By Lead Acetate?

Lead acetate is an ionic compound with the formula [Pb(CH3COO)2], in which lead is present in +2 oxidation state. It is a white crystalline solid. It has a slight sweet taste. It is also known as Plumbous acetate, salt of Saturn, sugar of lead, Goulard’s powder or lead diacetate. Its systematic IUPAC name is Lead ethanoate. Lead acetate is also toxic like other lead compounds. But it still has various applications such as a fixative and also as a reagent for synthesis of other compounds. It was also used as a sweetener but soon it was banned due to its toxic nature. It was discovered in the US in 1944.

Lead acetate has Pb+2 cation and CH3COO- anion. It is a water – soluble compound. It is commonly found as trihydrate lead acetate which is particularly known as sugar of lead due to its sweet taste. Molecular formula of trihydrate lead acetate is Pb(CH3COO)2.3H2O. It is white in color and a monoclinic crystalline substance which is soluble in water. It is used in dyeing, gold cyanidation plants, paints etc.


Properties of Lead Acetate

Physical and chemical properties of lead acetate – Properties of lead acetate are listed below.

  • The molar mass of anhydrous lead acetate is 325.29 g.mol-1.
  • White colored blooming crystalline solid.
  • It is slightly sweet.
  • It has a pleasant acetic odor.
  • Its density in anhydrous state is 3.25 g.cm-3, its density in trihydrate state is 2.55 g.cm-3.
  • The melting point of anhydrous lead acetate is 280 °C. The melting point of the trihydrate lead acetate is 75 °C.
  • Anhydrous lead acetate is soluble in water and its solubility increases as the temperature increases. For example, 19.8 grams of it dissolves in 100 ml of water at 0 °C and 44.3 grams in 100 ml of water at 20 °C.
  • Also alcohol, glycerol etc.

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