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What is Tetrazene?

Tetrazene is a chemical compound with the molecular formula H2NN=NNH2. It is a colorless explosive material. An analogue is the organosilicon derivative (tms)2NN=NN(tms)2 where tms is trimethylsilyl. Isomeric with tetrazine is ammonium azide.

Tetrazene explosive, commonly known simply as tetrazene, is used for sensitization of priming compositions.



  • Tetrazene has eleven isomers. The most stable of these is the straight-chain 2-tetrazene (H2-NN=N-NH2), having a standard heat of formation at 301.3 kJ/mol. The eleven isomers can be arranged into three groups: straight-chain tetrazenes, four-membered cyclotetrazane, and three-membered cyclotriazanes. Each straight-chain tetrazene isomer possesses one N=N double bond and two N-N single bonds. Tautomerizations do occur between the isomers. The ionic compound ammonium azide is also a constitutional isomer of tetrazene.

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