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What is Lead Azide?

The lead azide is an explosive initiator, being more efficient than mercury fulminate. It requires a higher temperature for spontaneous combustion and does not decompose during long storage periods at moderately elevated temperatures. When compressed into a capsule, lead azide ignites detonating or exploding the spark, but not as immediately as mercury fulminate. For this reason, the main charge initiation of a blasting cap composed of Pb(N3)2 is generally mixed in defined proportions with lead styphnate or other sensitizers to cause the explosion more easily, though with a less violentflame, which serves to initiate the explosion of azide.


About Lead Azide

The sensitivity to shock and friction rapidly increases in proportion as the particle size increases. Crystals of 1 mm in length are subject to a spontaneous explosion due to the energy content that they possess. Lead azide should not have needleshaped crystals with a length greater than 0.1 mm. Lead azide with dextrin may appear to be safely stored under water for a long time. However, there is a belief that crystallized azide becomes more sensitive when stored under water due to an increase in the size of the crystals. Lead azide is produced in two crystal forms: orthorhombic (α), density 4.71 and monoclinic (β), density 4.93. The formation of the orthorhombic form, very sensitive, prevented the mixture of a diluted solution of lead nitrate and sodium azide, with which lead azide is prepared.

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