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What is Titanium Carbide?

Titanium Carbide is abbreviated TiC. It is a very hard gray metallic substance approaching TiC composition, usually made by heating titanium dioxide and carbon in an electric furnace and used mainly with tungsten carbide in cemented carbide compositions to cut steel. Titanium carbide has been of great interest for a decade. Because it has a very useful structure due to its special properties such as surface, shape and size. Among ceramic materials, TiC is a well-known material.

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About Titanium Carbide

Due to its high melting point, elastic modulus, high Vickers hardness, low density, high flexural strength, good thermal conductivity, high resistance to corrosion and oxidation and high thermal shock resistance, this makes Titanium carbide an important reinforcing material in metal composites. In recent years, significant research activities have focused on the synthesis of nanoceramics with TiC. Thus, throughout all these developments TiC always reveals specific morphology to pursue subsequent applications. However, TiC can be synthesized using several methods. We have taken care to explore this in depth below. As a matter of fact, these different methods that have emerged with traditional methods, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), laser-ignited self-spreading high temperature synthesis (LISHS), sol-gel, self-spreading high temperature synthesis (SHS), mechanical alloying, etc. will be presented in detail. Titanium carbide requires high temperature. Aerospace, cutting tools, electronics and chemicals are common applications for titanium carbide. It is also used as reinforced particles in composites and has a useful use in the hardening phase of superalloys. In this article, we will focus more on the effect of titanium carbide, its properties and synthesis methods on its applications.

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How to Synthesize and Apply Titanium Carbide Material?

Titanium carbide has many uses. Special attention has been paid to the study of all parameters. As a chemical compound, TiC is an inorganic that can be used to synthesize the desired material. Of course, it should be noted that it must be solid. The applications of this material in ceramic science, engineering and electronics are also reviewed. What we can understand from this is that this work will be useful for physicists, engineers and chemists.

Based on what we’ve already mentioned about titanium carbide, it’s good to think about the different ones. There is a very high demand for the production of TiC powder. Also, composite materials with superior intrinsic properties for various applications are used in industrial fields. Currently, most of the work with titanium carbide material is still in its infancy. Most of these applications remain at the laboratory level, with very few reaching the practical application level. Therefore, there is only one definite conclusion we can make about this material. It is necessary to ensure the homogeneity and integrity of TiC. For this, a proper material selection is essential. The main challenge is to produce high performance. Because it is a structural material with super fine microstructures. TiC is widely used in structural applications. It is required to develop functional applications.